Freshness and pressing standards are the keys to quality. Our supplier provides healthy premium olive oils that are four hours from harvesting to crushing

The single most important piece of information for the consumer is theharvest date of an olive oil. Olive oil should be treated like fresh fruit juice, as it is highly perishable. It is always healthier and more flavorful when consumed close to its crush date. As an oil ages, it tends to lose a lot of the magnificent health and flavor properties that make it such an enjoyable product.. An arbitrary “sell by” date, determined by the producer/bottler does not provide the consumer with the information they need. On a side note, never buy oil in clear glass or plastic, as olive oil is highly susceptible to UV degradation!

Vibranté pairings with your favorite fresh bread make a unique and healthy tail-gating or dinner appetizer – Great olive oil flavors for popcorn, too! There is no better marinade for grilling - fantastic for salad dressings, drizzling over fresh fruit or roasted vegetables.

Don’t forget a Vibranté Olive Oil & Vinegar pairing for your next occasion!!!